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the OrangeTee Division with a distinctive edge

Why join AAG? Like most agencies, AAG offers you:

  • Real-Time Listings All Over The Island
  • Effortless & Safe Listings Sharing System Among Teams Or With Everyone
  • Lessons On Demand & Mentorship Programmes
  • Group Sessions For Support, Sharing & Networking
  • Subsidy For All Caveats (With Owners' Contacts)
  • Bonding Activity To Relax & Re-charge
  • Teamwork Culture

But unlike any other agency, AAG offers all our agents something more. Free.

Automatic Reposting Tool

Be on TOP of competitors. With just 1-click, your listings get reposted to the top positions of property search results. Everything, including photos, vTours, videos, etc. Auto-magically!

Sms Broadcaster with Built-in DB

Tap on your competitors' marketing. This pro-active marketing tool makes it almost effortless to broadcast to agents who are currently on the top-pages so that you can tap onto their leads.

Virtual Tour Creator

Impress your clients now. Finally, you are able to do your own vTour by just using your smart-phone. In less than 15mins, your vTour will be live. Not just any vTour, but one that can walk from room to room.

Agent's Mobile App

Become an instant expert. State-of-art app that puts property information at your finger-tips on-demand - caveat prices; listings; appointments and more. Probably the most advanced in the market.


Corinna's achievements with OrangeTee:

*Top Producer 2014 Award 17th Position.
*Top Sales 2014" Award 5th Position for Vision Project.
*Top Team Associate Director" Award 3rd Position for 2nd quarter 2014.
*15th Achiever for 2nd Quarter 2014.
*Top Team Associate Director" Award 3rd Position for the month of June 2014.
*Top Achievers" Award 14th Position for the Month of May 2014.
*Top Team Associate Director" Award 2nd Position for the Month of January 2014.
*Top Team Associate Director" Award 3rd Position for 1st Quarter 2014.
*Top Producer"16th Position in 2013.
*Top Hundred Achievers" Award 2013 63rd Position.
*Top Team Associate Director " Award 2nd Runner Up for October 2013.
*Top Producer" Award 19th Position for Ist Quarter for 2013.

OrangeTee Top Achievers 2014 – 74th Position

AAG Top Producers 2014 – 17th Position

Team activities & hyping

Property Exhibition in Shanghai

What Her Clients Say

Corinna is a service-oriented, prompt agent who responds readily to the needs of the client and can be relied upon to resolve issues. She is generous with her time and will run the extra mile to bring about a successful deal that meets the needs of different parties. Her "after sales" service is also commendable.

What Her Agents Say

Corinna possesses leadership capabilities in nurturing her team in terms of Training, Guidance & Counselling. Hence, she will not hesitate to help her Associates in solving their client's problems and closing sales as requested by them. A good leader indeed.

Yang Kim Seh
CEA Reg No.: R010327Z

Corinna is just like a big sister to me, always guiding me when I have questions or problems. I appreciate her care and concern for my individual success. I am much happier under her team than any other teams in my career as a real estate consultant.

She is Inspiring. Motivating. Encouraging. Determined.

She is an Achiever. Leader. Mentor. Sister.

I am glad I met her. May she soar to greater heights this new year as a person and leader.


Corrina Tan is an experience manager in the business investments arena. With 17 years of excellent proven results in the property industry, she has developed expert teams in various property organizations in Singapore. Corrina has consistently demonstrated superior leadership skills and excellent interpersonal relationship expertise, she has inspired and help many new and experience agents in achieving their personal and career goals.

I am most inspired by Corrina's charisma and personal achievements. She is my mentor and leader. I believe in her leadership and I am confident she will lead me towards achieving my personal best and attain my self-esteem in life.

Shirlin Choe
Assistant Associate Manager, Agency
CEA Reg. No.: R009023B
OrangeTee.com Pte Ltd

Our Associate Team Director/Leader - Corinna Tan was an highly sought-after Financial Planner before she ventured into Real Estate Industry for the past 17 years now.

Prior to that, she have had received several merits awards to her credit as a Corporate Financial Planner to Prominent Investors in singapore & globally and had simultaneously achieving $19 millions real estate team sales for year 2012.

An All-Rounder Leader with an aptitude for meticulous & articulate works and having acquired an essential leadership skills & characteristic, she is also a highly result-oriented and hands-on leader who has successfully nurtured her team of associates to follow her footstep - A leader who is willing to share and put forth an example of her personal achievement and imparting her extensive knowledge in financial planning,strategic management & property marketing management unselfishly.

Hence, we have totally no doubt of her leadership skills in bringing us forward to the highest level of success in our Real Estate career.

Freddie Wee
Senior Marketing Associate
OrangeTee.com Pte Ltd

Meet AAG's key leaders.

Lester Tan

Founder, AAG

Kevin Seetoh


Benny Lim

T.O.P Projects Expert

Ryan Heng


Belmon Pok

HDB Expert

Fritz Tan

New-Launch Expert

Teressa Tay

Landed/ Commercial Expert

Josephine Ng

Landed Expert

More than 1000 Agents have joined us in the Last 5 Years

Founded at OrangeTee in Feb 2012, AAG has since grown 177 in just 10 months. A believer that technology marketing is the new future, AAG Team has attracted like-minded fellow agents from Salvis, DTZ, KF, ERA, PN, HSR, Huttons, and DWG. Together with AAG in OrangeTee, they are now leveraging on advanced technology to serve their customers better.

Apex Achievers Group™ is proud to be part of OrangeTee®.

Probably the most technologically advanced and supportive real-estate company in Singapore.

OrangeTee® Advanced IT Systems

OrangeTee offers an online suite of in-house developed IT support systems to empower sales professionals to work from home, that means agents can fulfilled the entire sales cycle starting from prospecting, listing presentation, marketing, submitting case, invoicing, and even get paid without the need to enter the office.

Print Invoice Online

Print of invoice online collect your commission faster.

Submit Case Online

Submit case from anywhere with Internet access.

FloorPlans Online

Largest collections of Residentials & Commercial Floorplans.

Transacted Data for Residential & Commercials

Caveat of Residential & Commercials, with unit-numbers since 1995.

Extensive Project Details Database

Amazing project info for both Residential, Commercial/Industry

Free Web-based PowerSearch, HomeBiz, eLitho

Access from home to check listings, owners tel, and land size, etc.

OrangeTee® Excellent Corporate Support and Infrastructure

Corporate infrastructure support is the pillar of a SalesPerson successful business. OrangeTee understands the importance of this.

Free Usage of Meeting/Training Rooms

7 rooms for conducting team meetings & training up to 40 pax.

Free Massive WorkSpace

3-Levels of FREE desk space for those prefer work from office!

Free Use of Project Brochure Library

Well-stocked actual Project Brochures for full knowledge.

Free Weekly In-house Training

Organised by Training Dept.CPD Core trainings at only $30+gst

Free CEA-Compliance Adverts approval

In-house Mass-Comm Department to vet thru your design..

Free eStamping

No admin fee for stamping of tenancy agreement

Free Weekly IT-Support Clinic

Free IT support for your PC/Laptop issues, every Wednesday

In-house Project Marketing Department

Plenty of chance to do Local/Overseas new Project launches!

In-house Investment Department

Work together with OT on your biggest en-bloc deals.

In-house Valuation Department

Get quick access to private valuation reports.

In-house Research Department

Regular market analysis reports for latest market updates.

Legal Subsidy

Lesser legal costs for associates that require legal expertise

No Forced Deduction

No advanced commission deduction for company events or dinners.

3 Business-Day Commission Payout

Submit on Monday and get paid by Thursday!


OrangeTee® Advantages for Team Leaders

If you are looking to become or is already a dedicated leader with a team under you, expect to receive these additional benefits from Orange Tee.

Starting Leaders

New managers enjoy at least 2-tiers over-riding management fee and up to all-tiers as your grow and promote.

Senior Leaders

Group Assoc Director onwards enjoy EVERY-tier management fee so you earn regardless of which tier is your associates under.

Monthy Leader's Meetings

Get timely Industry Updates and case studies, and be among the first to hear about company directions.

Get Paid Management Fee Every Day

The day your downline receives their commission is the day you get paid. Everyday is your pay-day.

Income Assurance Scheme for Leaders

Love ones continue to take over and enjoy part of your overriding income for next 5 years when you can't.

Graceful Exit

Resigning leaders will still get the management fee that is due to them. OrangeTee ® believes you will be back one day.


OrangeTee® Recruitment Incentive Schemes 2013

To welcome you to the family, OrangeTee have 3 Schemes that minimise the cost of joining us to get access to all the free support.

RAISE Scheme for New Agents — Performance incentives up to S$1,500 cash

for Rookies new to the industry, gets performance incentives of up to S$1,500 cash on achieving sales target to offset startup cost.

ESPA for Junior Agents — CEA Fee Rebates

for sales person with some experience (earning less than $15k) gets CEA fee re-imbursement on achieving sales target.

PAP for Experienced Agents — CEA Fees Fully Absorbed!

for Experienced sales person (earning S$36k and more) gets upfront CEA fee absorption.

OrangeTee® operates its offices from its own building in center of Singapore.

16 floors of office space, with 7 meeting/trainings rooms, state-of-the-art Auditorium and an open-terrace lounge. See for yourself below.

  • On-Going Trainings Provided
  • For new
  • For senior
  • For Team
  • TeeOff Course (Monthly)New Agent Course on Marketing & Negotiation
  • Positive Monday Workshop (Weekly)2-Hours Different Topic Every Week
  • IT Training (Monthly)Free Training on Work At Home System
  • Yes You Can2 1/2 Days Motivational Course to re-charge
  • Research 101 2-Days on Real Estate Data Analysis
  • T.E.A.M (Recruitment-Focused)2-Days Course for starting Leaders
  • L.E.A.P (Retention-Focused)4-Days Course on effective Leadership
  • Awesome GTA Technology Training5-Days Technology-Approach to doing GTA
  • AAG Proprietary Tools Trainings Advanced Technology for AAG Team only
  • Monthly Technology Training Learn about New Real Estate Technologies Powerful Internet Posting Secrets Letter-Writing: How to create Database & do Mail- Merge for Personalised Letters T.O.P BattleField Survival Training How to Serve HighEnd Tenants How to Impress your Clients with iPad Presentation
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Post-Training Testimonials

"A very good hands-on training! ... Overall, the course is very impressive and totally different from other agencies and no hard-selling, and real practical life skills that you will use in the real world! Thank you!


"It's the most beneficial training I ever had in my experience with real estate agency. Thanks!!!"


"Well done guys! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Appreciate the selfless time committed!"


"This is an awesome training. I've learnt a lot especially technology area. There's no waste of time. And really appreciate the 3 trainers' time and contribution..."


"Sharing was intensive and there's a lot of insider's tricks. Use of technology impressed me,"


"I am sure I am in the right team. Thank you guys. I hope our team will work closely with each others to create a 'family bold'."


Why join Apex Achievers Group™ ?


  • Excellent corporate infrastracture situated at excellent location
  • Weekly training and effective mentorship programmes
  • Sales-proven and technologically-savvy leadership
  • A suite of powerful proprietary tools to give you the unfair advantage


Swiftly establish a firm foothold in real estate with AAG Training & Mentoring for accelerated learning.

Accelerate your
career-switch NOW.


Amaze, Impress,and Retain your Clients with our powerful AAG Marketing System for unlimited income.

Outshine 30,000+
competitors NOW.


Leverage on our unique proprietary AAG Team System to attract and retain your recruits.

Multiply your team
exponentially NOW.

Be part of the Team with the unfair technological advantage.

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